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Martex International Sales, Inc. (Martex) was born 21 years ago in the city of Houston, Texas to cover the needs that companies have when making their purchases, considering that it is best to delegate this function to expert hands, thus saving a lot of time and money.

Martex focuses its efforts mainly on the oil and gas processing (drilling, production and refining), chemical, power generation and water treatment industries. It acts mainly as an equipment manufacturer's representative and materials distributor, and under outsourcing purchases for many companies.

It recently incorporated green industries related to biomass, green hydrogen, the re-refining of used motor oils, and odour neutralisation.

It is operated by engineers with more than 35 years of direct experience in the technical and commercial area in Spain, Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean, meeting the expectations of its customers and achieving great success. In 2018 it moved its office to Madrid, Spain, expanding its activities to the European, Middle East and North African markets.

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