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What we do

We represent well-known equipment manufacturers from Europe, South America and the United States, offering their products in various industries.

We direct our experience of more than 35 years mainly towards chemical industries, thermal power plants, oil and gas processing, LNG (LNG) terminals, and water treatment, relying on the new way of producing equipment of the represented companies, through the adoption of 4.0 technologies. 

The experience we offer is based on:

Having worked directly for many years in maintenance and engineering within the oil industry (Drilling, Production and Refining), gas processing (Compression and Liquid Extraction Plants) and power generation.

In the performance for several years as:


Sales, marketing and procurement managers for oilfield equipment, gas processing, water treatment, and thermal power plants.


Material inventory control analysts and in the management of equipment and spare parts purchases for oil drilling and production.


Technical manager in projects related to re-refineries of used engine oils for the production of oil bases and lubricants.

Involvement in biomass, green hydrogen, and odour neutralisation projects.

These activities in Latin America, Europe, and the USA allow us to quickly identify and easily select service providers, and manufacturers of new, used and refurbished materials, equipment and spare parts.