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Water Treatment

Technological solutions customised to optimise water treatment in different industrial sectors. State-of-the-art equipment to guarantee clean and safe water, contributing to the protection of the environment and compliance with current regulations.


Hydro-pneumatic or Hydrophore Systems

A hydrophore system consists of a pressurised water storage tank, consisting of a pump (usually a centrifugal pump), a pressure vessel (usually a...


Domestic or Sanitary Wastewater Treatment Plants

Specially designed for camps, housing platforms, small and medium sized communities, developed using biological activated sludge processes, compact bioreactors with a high capacity of...


Desalination and Demineralisation Plants - Ultrafiltration

Desalination and Demineralisation Plants by Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration and Ultrafiltration (UF), using membranes. Applications in plants...


Sodium Hypochlorite Generators using brines

They are systems that generate on site from 5 grams/hour up to 500 Kilos/hour of sodium hypochlorite with 0.6% - 0.8%....


Sodium Hypochlorite Generators with seawater

They generate sodium hypochlorite on site from seawater by means of electrolytic cells in order to avoid the formation of...