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Water Treatment

Technological solutions customised to optimise water treatment in different industrial sectors. State-of-the-art equipment to guarantee clean and safe water, contributing to the protection of the environment and compliance with current regulations.


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Sodium Hypochlorite Generators with seawater

They generate sodium hypochlorite on site from seawater by means of electrolytic cells to prevent biofouling caused by the growth of macro- and micro-organisms (snails, mussels, algae, etc.).

Applications in the inlet of desalination plants, open and closed cooling water or cooling water systems in thermal power plants, electrical co-generation plants, pump suction on oil platforms, waste water treatment plants, estuaries, etc.

The system consists of seawater booster pumps, electrolytic cell(s), power supply/transformer/rectifier, control panel/PLC, sodium hypochlorite storage tank, dosing pump, blower to dilute and vent the hydrogen produced, all in a compact design to facilitate easy installation and start-up.