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We are committed to the clean energies of the future. We offer comprehensive solutions for the production of biomass and green hydrogen, contributing to a more sustainable future and reducing carbon emissions.


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Biogas or synthesis gas flares or tees

These flares are the elements of safety and protection for the environment. The combustion products are more environmentally friendly than unburned gases.

The main objectives of the flare are to release gas in emergency situations and to burn these unusable gases in a safe and controlled manner, avoiding their direct release into the atmosphere.

The gas obtained from the digesters is mainly used for heating or electricity generation. The flare must burn the excess and unused gas produced and the peaks that occur in case of burner or engine shutdown.

Types of torches

Flares can be of two types, open flame or closed flame. In open flame flares the gas burns in the atmosphere without any control, while in closed flame flares the combustion takes place in a refractory chamber.

In addition to the type of discharge (continuous-emergency), the type of combustion equipment will depend on the emission limits that have to be guaranteed. Depending on local environmental restrictions and waste gas characteristics, a simple open flame flare may not be sufficient.