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Odour Neutralisers

We eliminate nuisance odours efficiently and sustainably. We offer solutions customised for every need, with innovative and environmentally friendly technologies, improving air quality and people's well-being.


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We offer broadcasting equipment Microtec which is used for liquid assets and achieves their cold evaporation, using an apparatus equipped with compressed air and Venturi nozzles. It contains a storage tank where the change of state from liquid to vapour takes place and a programmable electronic box.

The team Lagun Air®. is used for the diffusion of Exair Lagun Air® liquid in all types of aquatic applications, especially for WWTPs, wastewater treatment plants and industry. It uses a system powered by a pump that sucks the liquid product from the storage tank and distributes it around the site to be treated.

The peripheral Smellmeister is a ventilation equipment that allows the application of odour-inhibiting actives through a multiple distribution duct used for the treatment of enclosed or semi-enclosed spaces. It is combined with Gelactiv® technology. It is available in different sizes depending on the needs of the company.