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Odour Neutralisers

We eliminate nuisance odours efficiently and sustainably. We offer solutions customised for every need, with innovative and environmentally friendly technologies, improving air quality and people's well-being.


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Gels and Liquids

We often find news, demonstrations, complaints and so on in the media about the Odours emitted by industries, rivers, lakes, the agricultural sector, the food industry, livestock activities, slaughterhouses and composting activities, but odours do have a solution.

We develop and implement chemicals (gels and liquids) for the neutralisation of olfactory nuisances in all areas of your company (in the industrial or service sector, in homes, farms, estates, transport, etc.), offering customised solutions for different areas of activity.

We carry out the step by step to solve olfactory nuisances in your company:

  1. Qualitative assessment of odour sources.
  2. Design and implementation of the odour elimination strategy.
  3. Neutralisation of olfactory disturbances.

The Martex-Biothys odour treatment and neutralisation technology is based on the release into the air of a series of Active Principles that react in Gas Phase with the molecules (or Functional Groups) responsible for the bad odours. For example, in a wastewater treatment plant, bad odours are not caused by only one type of molecule, therefore, their chemical treatment must be carried out with a combination of Active Principles.

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