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Thermal Power Plants

Comprehensive solutions for the operation and maintenance of thermal power plants. We maximise the efficiency and safety of the facilities, with a focus on sustainability, ensuring a reliable and efficient energy supply.neration to ensure clean and safe water, contributing to the protection of the environment and compliance with current regulations.


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Fire Pumps

They are an essential part of many water-based fire protection systems. They are used to increase the pressure (measured in psi and bar) of a water source when the source is not suitable for the system it is supplying.

Centrifugal pumps are the most common fire pumps and are used with most systems. They can handle large volumes of water while providing high pressure surges.

The following are different configurations of centrifugal type pumps:

  • Horizontal split case pump
  • Vertical turbine pump
  • In-line pump
  • End suction pump
  • Multistage and multiport pump