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Thermal Power Plants

Comprehensive solutions for the operation and maintenance of thermal power plants. We maximise the efficiency and safety of the facilities, with a focus on sustainability, ensuring a reliable and efficient energy supply.neration to ensure clean and safe water, contributing to the protection of the environment and compliance with current regulations.


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Equipment for water catchment tanks

Rotating gates and gratings for tanks, for filtering sea water, river water, etc.

We design, manufacture and install water collection solutions in open channels (seawater intakes, river water intakes, reservoir intakes, etc.), always adapting our equipment to the requirements of the project.

Among the solutions or equipment, we have screens to remove fine, medium and large solids at the inlet of filters, mobile belts, conveyor systems installed in open channels, with STOP LOG located in the storage area to put it into operation when the equipment (such as pumps, screens, filters, etc.) need maintenance or inspection.